Trike Ownership

Why own a trike?

If you want to enjoy the wind and sun in your hair the way motorcyclists do and you want a safe and stable machine to ride and enjoy, then a trike is most definitely what you need.  A person buys a trike for personal and pure indulgence.

It is first and foremost a very special and unique experience. It is neither a motorbike or a car.  Many people transition from two wheels to a trike but many start their experience from a car straight to a trike.  It is very stable and very safe without the risks that come from riding a motorbike.

Perfect for injured or disabled riders - Thanks to the stability, comfort and ease of handling our trikes enable riders who have an injury or a disability that would make riding a motorbike very difficult -or even impossible -  to access the open road.  

When you own a trike it becomes obsessive and very personal.   You can uniquely customise it to your own style and they get noticed.  

The Pro’s - Safe, exciting, comfortable, great fun and easy to ride.

The Con’s- Not sure there are any cons with a Datum trike unless it is being compared to something else, for example. If it was compared to a motorcycle, then you could say, it will not weave through traffic like a bike can.

Things to know

Fully comprehensive Insurance is usually just over £300 per year - we recommend Bemoto Trike insurance.

Tax is £85 per year, the same as it would be for the same bike.

Upkeep, apart from servicing is minimal and trike riders in general do not put excessive mileage on their trikes. They own a trike for pleasure more than necessity.

You also need to be aware of the UK Law regarding trike ownership.  It's a bit of a complicated subject but we've tried to make it as simple as possible for you.  Take a look here.

See one of our trikes in action