Created for Disabled Bikers & Injured Riders

Created for Disabled Bikers & Injured Riders - Where it all began...

It all began when a chap who was injured in the military service, for this country, came to me and asked if I could build him a trike. He wanted a trike that he could ride by adapting it. I had to take into account his numerous disabilities and his wheelchair. Up until then this chap would go to bike rallies in his car, following his mates on their bikes.

Well, when we had finished the trike and he collected it, there was a great feeling of satisfaction from both of us. He rode away and a few weeks later he contacted me and told me that he now goes to rallies on his trike at the front of the pack with his mates on bikes, riding behind. This could only have been achieved by the use of the adaption we designed and those available in the market place.

Adaptions for an Easy Ride

Easy Steer System

The easy steer does exactly as the name states; it makes trike steering very light and very responsive. I designed this back in 2007, for an ex race biker who’s shoulders were shot and needed something light and easy to ride. I then patented the design so we could guarantee the quality and precision of the unit and what an incredibly successful invention it is. We have fitted many of these great units to trikes for people of all abilities. This unit is so good, that it is fitted as standard to all of our trikes at no further cost.

Single Lever Servo Braking

When your legs don’t work as well as you hope, you have to transfer the controls to the handlebars and this is where the single lever servo assisted brakes with a limiter valve comes in to its own. A lot of people use twin lever. In the past, before we designed the single lever brake system, there was no alternative. The problem was that to operate both front and rear from separate levers and operate the throttle became uncomfortable. The single lever system we use incorporates high spec braking technology from HEL performance. Simon, the owner of HEL has worked with Datum, to provide braking solutions that are state of the art.

Reverse Gear Chain Drive

Now this was a challenge to say the least. No problem with reverse on a shaft drive bike but chain drive was a different beast. It took us some time to master but, in the end, we came through. With careful gear reduction, it works well and is very controllable.

Semi Automatic Gear Change

There are two main contenders and in the past we have fitted the Klik tronic system and very respectable it is. This time we wanted to try the Pro-Shift system, simply because it was slightly different, due to the ingenious coil interruption electronics you can go up the gears without the use of the clutch and quick it is.

Custom adaptions available to work for you

As a company that prides itself on precision and quality service, we have become very approachable. That means, new ideas that come to the market that can help bike and trike riders alike get our interest. One such chap Dean Holdaway came to us with a brilliant foot rest design and product. It alleviates some of the heal pressure of a footrest, which in turn relieves pressure on ankle and knee joints. Dean was then asked if he could adapt the design for a chap with a prosthetic leg, so his leg would not slip of the foot rest, a heal stop was the answer. He is designing the footrest for other models. Please contact us for further info.

I have been building trikes for over 16 years now and providing a lot of help for disabled riders with the support of NABD and intend to continue providing this service.

So if you would like us to look at fitting these adaption’s or creating other ones for your trike, please give us a ring, we would be glad to help.

Remember our trikes and the adaption’s for disabled riders are VAT free.

All of our trikes come with a full 3 year warranty, and at under 20k on the road including vat that cannot be bad.

We look forwards to creating your dream machine for you.