Motorcycle Trike Building - It started by accident....

Back in 2003 a friend of mine who was working for me at my pub restaurant wanted to get a Harley motorcycle. I was tempted but sadly I can’t stay on motorcycles for very long, I go one way and they go the other. I had a motorcycle and sidecar years ago and did not like that.

One day whilst at work at the pub a chap came in to the car park on a trike. I was fascinated and asked him if he would take me for a ride. He agreed, I was hooked. I then did buy a motorbike but sent it down to a trike builder in Essex. I collected it, very excited was I. As I had a background in engineering, I set about rebuilding it. When it was finished I put it up for sale and could have sold it ten times over. I was then asked to build one for a friends wife’s 60th birthday. This I did, so Wackey’s Trikes was born.
The foot and mouth outbreak of 2001 all but finished me at my pub restaurant and in the end we had to close.

By then I had rented a unit on an industrial estate and motorcycle trike building became my reality.  It was a steep learning curve but due to obsession with creating the perfect trike, all challenges were met head on and overcome. By 2006 I was a force to be reckoned with in the trike world but felt a great need to help people with a disability who had asked me if I could adapt a trike so they could ride it.

This is where my design skills came in to their own. The scrap bin had a feast but by the end I had designed and tested unique adaption’s we could offer to many people with different disabilities. A gold member of NABD excelled our adaption work. Two adaption’s which revolutionised our business, were the easy steer and single lever servo braking system.

Then on November 12th 2007 a car pulled out in front of me and I had a head on collision in my pickup truck. I was hospitalised and had a brain injury as well as other damage to my spine etc.

I semi returned to work and tried my best to keep up with the work load but sadly due to my injuries and pain, I had to wind the company up.

After spending 10 years in different rehab institutions and being in a much better place, I decided to finish off what I started. This time thou due to my injuries and pain I could no longer stand at the build bed creating individual trikes as before. So I embarked on designing a trike where all the parts were made at my engineering shops and then brought to my workshop for assembly only. My passion for designing adaption’s for disabled people is still as strong as it ever was. Our new trike can be fully hand operated.

Personally speaking it has been one hell of a journey getting back to some form of health but I felt that my efforts were worth it and after all the test riding and appraisals of our new Vulcan S trike I am in no doubt.



Datum Motorcycle Trikes Ltd launched it's first production line trike for sale. 


Started development of UK's first production line trike.


Accident stopped play 🙁


Developed easy steer unit and patented it. Developed single lever servo assisted braking system.  Popularity for the trikes rose in an unprecedented way - Wacky Trikes becomes one of the most sought after provider of adapted trikes in the UK.


Designed Zero Flex Swing Arm suspension system


Started development of first 'adapted'  trikes and opened Wacky Trikes Ltd.  


Had my first trike built.