How To Stay Comfortable On Long Motorcycle Trips

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Staying comfortable on a long-hour-motorcycle-trip is one of the most significant issues of every rider. It’s difficult because he not only has to train himself to have an excellent physical situation but also needs to have a good preparation with his vehicle and body protection.In this article today, I will show you how to stay comfortable on long motorcycle trips. If you want to have the most exciting rides ever, you should not ignore it.

1. Stay healthy and awake

The first and crucial tip is not to get yourself tired while driving. It’s useful to both prevent you from getting exhausted and guarantee your safety. Last week, I went for a short trip, which was about 40 to 50 kilometers. However, lack of sleep still almost caused me an accident. I was dropping off while driving 50 km/h on the road.

And there was once when I opened my eyes, the rear end of a heavy-duty truck was right about 1 meter ahead. I immediately awoke and had to pull over to get a short nap. I had never been nearly to death just like that. If you ever in that situation, I’m sure you will be able to feel my fear.

Therefore, wherever you go on a long motorcycle trip, remember to go to bed early the night before. You will stay awake all the time in the next day. Moreover, make yourself a breakfast with sufficient nutrients. Don’t get too much because it will make you drowsy. And also don’t get too little because you won’t have enough health to drive.

2. Protect your body

Driving for long hours can get dirtier than you think. The roads can be considered one of the dustiest in the world because they contain all types of bacteria you can never imagine. Just try going for a long trip, and you will see what comes out when you get a shower or wash your clothes. That is why you need to be aware of protecting your face and body.

It depends on the seasons that you can choose which outfit to wear. But mostly, long-sleeve shirt and sweatpants are the most appropriate. In summer, spring, and autumn, you can wear a cotton T-shirt, which can absorb the perspiration very well, summer long sweatpants, and a-sun-protective clothing outside.

Winter is easier to tolerate because you already have to wear a long coat and pants all the time. A three-layer-formula is always useful, including a thin long-sleeve T-shirt inside, a sweater up next, and a quilted jacket.

Sunglasses and a muffler are always needed in all seasons. You can add gloves to the collection if you don’t want to get sun burnt in summer or freezing in winter.

3. Don’t get dehydrated

Why is dehydration necessary on a long trip? Because it can push you into a dangerous circumstance while driving, you need to pay close attention to it. Various factors can cause dehydration along the way. The heat, moisture, and direct sun exposure are some examples.

And that condition of your body can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. First, you will feel very thirsty, and your mouth, as well as tongue, will feel dry. Then, your eyes and cheeks will get sunken and blush. And finally, you will get exhausted, and your urine turns black.

So to protect yourself along the way, you need to drink a sufficient amount of water and urinate regularly. I always had three glasses of water before putting on my coat and one glass after doing that. And sometimes when I have to ride 9 to 10 hours, I even brought a hydration pack. 

4. Take a rest sometimes

It’s not difficult to understand this part. Driving in a long road requires you to sit in a particular position within an extended period. And that makes your body and muscles incredibly stiff and fatigued. Therefore, having frequent rests is necessary to stretch your back as well as relax your body parts.

Whenever you feel your wrist, ankle, or neck painful and hard to move, it’s time to stop your motorcycle to do some exercises. Leaning left or right, bending down to the front or back, and turning your wrists and ankles are some simple movements you can do. Keep working on them until you feel ready to go.

Now you know how to get yourself undemanding when getting off your motorbike. The next parts will show you how to have a convenient time sitting on it.

5. Prepare a comfortable saddle

Not every seat on bikes is pleasant. It can be soft or hard depending on the bike’s design. So which one is better for a long ride?

In my opinion, it’s a hard one. Each type of saddle has a certain range of settlement which can affect directly to your balance and sacrum. A soft seat has a higher range; and therefore, it can put a more dominant force on your rear end than a hard one.

That force can cause you severe pain if you have to sit on your bike for 5 to 6 hours. And believe me; the pain will last for weeks. I used to ride a motorbike from Honda having a soft seat, and after finishing the first 100 kilometers, I just could not sit without frowning my face.

Nevertheless, a hard seat will bring you ultimately different feeling. If you are having a soft place and want to turn it into a hard one, just replace it before you go. Otherwise, just accept the fact that you need to rest more frequently than other drivers while driving.

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