Be Aware of The Blind Spots (on Your Motorcycle Trike, too!)

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Cagers” May Not Be Able to See What’s Right in Front of Them

It is a well-known fact among those of us who ride motorcycles that drivers of other types of vehicles often cannot see us. When I mention that they cannot see us, I’m referring to the fact that human beings are sometimes physically incapable of processing what the eye is witnessing into an image that our brains can translate into something that we can recognize – in a sense, we have a virtual blind spot.

Why is that so? There are many factors. However, part of the answer is related to the “Theory of Incongruence” which suggests that our expectations cloud our perception. If we don’t expect to see a bike on the road, we simply will not see it.

Simply put, we see what we expect to see. The rest falls prey to a virtual blind spot created by our brains when something appears that is not expected.

So, what’s a motorcycle rider or trike rider to do? We must be diligent in seeking out ways to shake things up, both literally and figuratively! This means we do things like:

1. properly lighting our rides, 

2. staying visible by choosing the most appropriate lane positions,

3. choosing to avoid riding into a vehicle’s physical blind spots, like passing truck on the right, etc.

4. maintaining proper braking distance

5. regularly identifying emergency bail-out routes, if confronted with the need to avoid a collision

6. wearing brighter colors

7. always driving safely by abiding by speed limits and traffic signals

8. always paying attention and anticipating potential problems that could occur from every direction

To close, as the old adage goes: “an ounce of prevention provides a pound of cure.” And, by practicing sound defensive riding we just may save a pound of our own flesh, too! 

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