I’m seriously considering riding a motor trike…what do I need to know?

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Full article with thanks to https://www.gov.uk/ride-motorcycle-moped

Motor tricycles

Provisional category B car licences and provisional category A licences now only cover you to ride motor tricycles if you have a physical disability. Driving tests for 3-wheeled vehicles are only available for physically disabled drivers.

If you’re not physically disabled and want to ride a motor tricycle you’ll now need to get the right provisional entitlement and pass CBT.

You can drive a motor tricycle of any power rating if both of the following are true:

  • you’re over 21
  • you have a full car driving licence

You’ll need a full category A1 motorbike licence to ride motor tricycles up to power output 15 Kilowatts (kW), and a full category A motorbike licence to ride trikes with a power output more than 15 kW.

Once you’ve done your CBT you have 2 years to pass your theory and motorcycle tests or you’ll have to do CBT again.

Full article with thanks to https://www.gov.uk/ride-motorcycle-moped

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