12 Reasons to take to the Open Road

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Full article from and with thanks to https://www.rideapart.com/articles/253800/12-reasons-to-ride-a-motorcycle/

Want to be a better human being and live a better life? Find out how a trike or motorcycles will do more than just make you look cool.
There’s a good chance that if someone has to ask you why you ride a motorcycle, they’ll never really understand. For most of us, we ride because we can’t not ride. It’s who we are. It’s why we are. This though, is the internet, and on the internet we make lists and explain things. So here are 12 reasons you should ride a trike or motorcycle.

To be Cool
Trikes and Motorcycles are cool. Period. They tell the world, “I live my life large! I laugh at fear, I am adventurous!” Everyone who sees anyone on any bike thinks that person is cool. This is very true for kids, and slightly less true for in-laws—but even they are still secretly impressed.

Unless you ride in sandals or flip flops, or without a helmet – then you look silly.

To Find Your Zen
On a motorcycle, your thoughts are occupied by the moment, and only the moment. In that moment you feel very, very big and at the same exact moment, you are very well aware that you are also very, very small. Those two concepts collide in your mind simultaneously, and that is why we have that look in our eyes. We see the universe for what it is and transcend reality.

Commuting Is Easier And More Fun
Sitting in traffic sucks. But it sucks a lot less if you live somewhere that allow lane splitting. Even if you don’t I guarantee your run through traffic will be faster, more enjoyable and more rewarding than if you were stuck in a car listening to news reports. People who arrive at work and take off their helmet are 1,000 percent more like to be smiling than people who arrive in a Ford.

You Learn About Perspective
Set your sights further down the road. Look where you want to go. Be aware of your surroundings. Live in the moment. The solutions to most problems we encounter on the road while riding are the same as the solutions to most of life’s problems. Look further down the road when you’re feeling unstable and you’ll be alright in the end.

You’re Less Of A Drain On The System
Riding a trike or bike is better for the environment than driving a car. You use less fuel. Your transport uses less resources to build. You take up less space. You even take less of a toll on roads and infrastructure. Trikes/Motorbikes as a single-person (or two-person) transport are far more efficient. Trikes/Motorbikes are generally also cheaper to buy, operate, and maintain than a car.

A Trike/Motorcycle Can’t Be Hacked (Yet)
Okay, so we’re taking creative license a bit here because even cars can’t be hacked really—there have been some stunts online but all of them required someone having physical access to a vehicle at some point. We know, however, that the march of autonomous technology continues to advance and invade our driving experiences. While that technology is finding its way into trikes & motorcycles, (Harley-Davidson developing group-riding cruise control for example), it is a lot harder to divorce the organic component from the equation when it comes to riding a trike or bike. Take that Cyberdyne!

Because Authenticity
Even the most basic, universal, and utilitarian trikes and motorcycles are a reflection of their owners’ personality. In a sea of SUVs, a motorcycle is the last bastion of automotive authenticity. A trike or bike is as individual as a vehicle can be, and no two are ever alike. There’s also an inherent simplicity to a trike or motorbike and that allows you to create a deeper connection. You work on it, tinker with it, and perform basic maintenance on it almost daily, forging your bond with your machine.

Your Health Will Improve

A study once found that a motorcyclist in traffic makes more decisions per minute than a fighter pilot in a dog fight, or a race-car driver engaged in a battle of position. There are numerous medical journals that show a link between increased brain activity and long-term cognitive function. In short, a bike is good for your brain. Many people who struggle with depression and other mental health issues find trikes or motorcycles therapeutic.

You Meet the Nicest People
Every time you wave at a fellow rider, a little smile fills your soul. Most of my best mates are people I met through bikes. Whether it’s riding, talking about riding online, racing, or just plain perving on bikes, some of my favorite people are bike people. They’ll help you work on your project. They’ll help you move house. They’ll take care of you and your stuff when you wipe out. In short, bike people rule.

Bonding over any shared joy will always lead to rewarding, fulfilling friendships but I argue that few hobbies bring people from so many backgrounds together the way riding can.

Because Freedom
A trike or motorcycle can take you a lot of places a car can’t, but that’s a very superficial concept of “freedom”. Really, a trike or motorcycle gives you complete and total autonomy and agency over your decisions. Twist the throttle, weight the peg—your actions are yours and yours alone. You can’t even reach your cell phone. Your distractions are non-existent. It’s bliss…

Connection To The World Around You
In a car, you’re driving through the world, letting it pass you by. On a trike or bike, you’re immersed in the world around you. Its sights, its sounds, its bug splatter. When you ride on the streets, you’re a human like the other humans, not a cage. You have an identity and a connection to the world that you can’t get from inside a car.

Because It Is Totally Rad.
That’s it in a nutshell. You should ride a trike or bike because not riding a trike/bike is never as good as riding a trike/bike. Ever. Trikes and motorcycles are fun, exciting, stimulating, and sexy. They can be fast, or slow, or big, or small, but a trike or motorcycle is fuel for your soul. You can ride any way you like and get unfathomable amounts of joy. Whether you are knee down on a racetrack, carving a wooded trail, or just cruising down the highway with your head high and your smile wide… trikes and motorcycles are life.


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